The M7 monitor has received approval from the National Weights & Measures Board for passing EC Directive 90/384/EEC Class III for non automatic weighing machines.

What does this mean?
Any weighing scale that is used in a medical practice for the diagnosis or monitoring of patients MUST comply with the above regulations.
Failure to do so is a criminal offence.
Do your scales pass?

Do your scales pass?

About the M7 health monitor

Measures weight and height and automatically calculates Body Mass Index (BMI)

Takes blood pressure and measures pulse

Results are printed onto ticket for patient

This model can be supplied with or without Blood Pressure facility

Technical features

Weighs up to 220kg (484lb) (34.5 stone) in 0.2kg increments

Measures height up to 200cm (6'7")

Display panel / Voice instructions

Programmable ticket header and information

Thermal printer

Dimensions: H-208cm D-58cm W-36cm

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